HK-MACAU 2016 (part 1- ME TIME!)

It was a fulfilling 6-day visit to Hongkong and Macau last August –uhm.. yes, I’m really lazy to write nowadays 😦 — anyway, I’ve decided to go with my mom and sis since they planned to go for ages. I booked my own flight from SG and decided to go there 2 days in advance since I can’t waste my weekend off days. At first, it was not really a whole family activity, and then after Boracay, I just checked Cebu Pac, and voila! promo seat fares to HK as the same flight as my sis booked so I immediately booked my dad and bro. By the way, I have this habit of checking flights every now and then, most of the time, I’m lucky enough to get promo fares (hehe).

I arrived at Hongkong International Airport around lunch time. Bought an Octopus card for 100hkd plus a 50hkd deposit (and loaded it again with additional 100hkd). I took the airport bus which will go directly to the city (Airport bus A21).

Since we’re a bit tight on our budget, we only managed to book Cosmic Guesthouse (1 triple room & 1 quadruple room) via Agoda. You might find it odd that we’re only 5 but we booked rooms for 7 people, and I’m just relieved that we did that. The guesthouse is situated at Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui, so you can guess how small the rooms are. I did not take any photos cos I’m a bit disappointed on how really small the room is especially the toilet! The only four positive things I can remember were: (1) it’s relatively cheap compared to hotels in the area, (2)they allowed us to check-in early without extra charge, (3) the MTR station and bus stop for the airport bus are just walking distance, and (4) Mirador Mansion is much safer than Chungking Mansion, especially to solo travelers. I guess you really get what you pay for. Maybe next time I’ll opt to book AirBnB instead.

I settled down in the ‘supposedly’ triple room, and decided to rest the whole afternoon. Around 5pm, I decided to walk around and find food since I was too hungry already (yey for Mcdo) and I am still all by myself. Then, I walked to Victoria Harbour cos I saw that they will have this lightshow, apart from the usual show from Hongkong side. I was also lucky enough to have a very convenient prepaid sim card, CSL, which I think it only cost me around 100hkd, with 3gb data plus sms & call. I bought it in the store itself, not in the airport, and it’s not the tourist sim card they were selling. Since I have now my own internet, I also happen to see in my newsfeed that a highschool friend was also in HK so we decided to meet there and watched the light show together 🙂

After the blissful meet up, I went to bed early as I will travel alone to Macau the following day. Travelling alone has its own perks, you have your own time and pace, you only care about yourself, you might get lost but you just can handle it perfectly well. The only downside of being by yourself is that you need to ask someone else to take a picture of you or else you’ll have a lot of selfies, like me (haha).

Second day, I went to Hong Kong-Macau Ferry terminal from Sheung Wan MTR Station. From there, a lot of signs pointing on where to exit and how to find the terminal. I did not book online so my sailing time was a bit late already. I took the Turbojet to Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal. It costed me 177hkd for an economy seat and the travelling time was about an hour. I landed in Macau, and after countless of research, of what free shuttle bus that will take me to Macau Peninsular directly, I still failed and landed on the Venetian Hotel. My plan was ruined since I wanted to go to the main spots first before going to the hotels near City of Dreams Macau as I have booked a ticket to the House of Dancing Waters show. After going around the Venetian for a few hours, I walked to the shuttle terminal at the very back of the hotel. Since the Venetian and Sands Hotel are connected to each other, they have this shuttle bus that will take you to Macau peninsular area. I boarded the bus, and when I arrived, I was really rushing so even if the taxi driver really got me by paying him more for a journey which was less than 10 mins ride,  I still took it and alighted at last at Senado Square.

I wormed my way through a huge crowd of tourists in order to reach the St. Paul Ruins. I decided to have some pork bun and a good seat on the stairs just below the ruins. It was a very hot afternoon and after going around the shops and pavements, I decided to go back to Taipa so I won’t miss my 5pm show. But first, excuse my selfies! thanks to my ever reliable go pro 🙂


I took a taxi (which was cheaper than the one I took from Sands Macau-Senado Square–regrets, sobs! lesson learned!) and arrived just on time at City of Dreams. The show was fantastic. The production and the story were quite interesting as I’ve never watched a water show like that. The seat I booked costed me around 580hkd (yes, very expensive I must say, but really really worth it!) Actually, it was the same price as the one I booked for Les Miserables here in SG. The seat that I had in the House of Dancing Waters was in a much better location too, compared to the one I had in Esplanade. Anyway, visit their website for more information!(check their website here: House of Dancing Waters) Do not miss this when you go to Macau. I’ve learned about this 3 years ago when we went to HK-Macau as well, and one of my mom’s childhood friend is a member of the production of this show. Here are some snapshots (illegal ones!) but, really worth it to share (haha! as I’ve convinced a lot of people to go and watch it, so yeah I’m taking the risk to post this here.)

After the show, I went to see the free water show in the Wynn Palace, oh the fountains were just so lovely. The place is too romantic for me especially the music they used as the water danced with it. Then, I went to Old Taipa Village for a quick peek. I remember last time we were there, we were invited by my mom’s friend to a dinner at their house. It was a very refreshing dinner, but now that I’m all alone, I forgot to eat again at KFC (never fails, or McDo haha). Anyway, I went to the Galaxy Hotel for a short tour inside and got a free shuttle ride to Taipa Ferry Terminal. Since I am on a free and easy itinerary, I did not book my return ticket that morning. The queue was really long and I don’t want to go back very late as I will need to catch the MTR going to Tsim Sha Tsui so I took the first class ticket of Cotai Water Jet which was more expensive than the economy seat especially it was already night sailing (Good thing, I had a 20% discount for Mastercard so I only paid 241hkd and the original price is 302hkd). Check this websites for their rates so that you can have an idea and be updated on the prices as there will be some changes this November 2016:

Cotai Water Jet & Turbo Jet


i forgot to mention, this was my dinner haha! you get to have these goodies for first class seats and a big leg space!

And that concludes my 2-day solo travel for Hong Kong and Macau. The following day, my family arrived and we all went to different touristy places in Hong Kong 🙂

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Coron, Palawan: A Wonder No Other

Deep blue waters, white sand, enchanting corals- oh yes! I think I’m getting too addicted to Vitamin Sea. Who doesn’t like being at the beach? The waves, the sea, the sky! Well, Coron, Palawan gave me exactly what I needed to call it a grand but cheap style of beach escapade. With my three closest and beautiful roomates back in college, together, we explored this awesome place by indulging ourselves with the variety of fresh and local seafoods, by swimming in the bluest and clearest water with the tallest corals I’ve ever seen and, by enjoying the boat ride to different islands and sea destinations on the tour we arranged.

Our flights, Skyjet airlines, were a bit costly ‘cos I booked based on the date we were all available and I can’t wait anymore for seat sales. However, you can still book cheaper return flights from MNL-Busuanga (Coron) via Cebu Pacific. We landed at Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Busuanga then we looked for our van which took us to Mamita’s Place. My roomate settled everything and we booked our tours via Mamita, our landlady, for our whole stay in Coron. It’s somewhat cheap cos it’s all in. We chose the exclusive tour instead of the usual budget tour. Our food, lodging, private boat and tours were just around 7500 php (approx 160usd) for 4 days, 3 nights. Plus, the fact that we don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking where to eat for the rest of our stay and the food that they served to us were all satisfying (and mouth-watering! seafoods!). Overall, the experience is worth it. However, if you are a more budget traveller, a lot of options can be done once you arrived at the airport. You can try to book a cheaper tour or can even do DIY. Anyway, here you may refer to our sample itinerary for the whole trip: Coron Itinerary. We changed the schedule of going to some places since we based it in the weather and the instensity of waves.

FIRST DAY: After putting down all our bags and checking in, we were served with our afternoon snack, and this my friends was the start of our weight gain program (hehe). Home-made pizza plus ice-cold coke! yum! After which, we proceeded for our first stop, Mt. Tapyas. We ascended the 700+ steps to see the overlooking view of Coron. It was a magnificent view and the weather was just right. Then, we went to Maquinit hotspring. Oh, I really love hotsprings! (But I don’t miss Pansol much hehehe). Some said they go to the hotsprings at the end of their stay in Coron, others, like us, don’t really care as long as we enjoy the surroundings and the place 🙂


food and these girls  at Mommita’s Place ❤


climbing up!


with the girls 🙂


Overlooking view of Coron


purple and pink skies at Maquinit Hotspring


enjoying our time in the hotspring


walking around the area 🙂

After climbing the mountain and dipping into the hotspring, our tricycle driver brought us back to our inn to have our very first sumptuous supper. I think I don’t have any picture of our dinner cos we were too hungry to bother taking pictures (ehehe). Anyway, we were advised that night to wake up before 7am to grab some breakfast and prepare before starting our first boat tour.

Our breakfast the next morning was simple yet satisfying. I miss eating Filipino breakfast! And the Lamayo!! Sarap :))

img_2008SECOND DAY: We were given a private tour, a private boat and our own private island for the first half of our second day! Yes, we had the Waling-waling Island all by ourselves. It was a small, beautiful island which is approximately 2hours away from the city proper. The island is so lovely! With its own sand bar and crystal blue waters, I can say that if I wil go back to Coron, I’ll definitely try to stay here, even for just one night, I have the whole island by myself!


that boat view! hehe


Bulog Island aka Waling-waling island ❤




loving this island! (and that was our private boat on the upper right!)

Something is definitely wrong with my gopro that time as i don’t have clear images and i need to edit out the pictures 😦 I’m not sure if the lenses were not cleaned but…i made sure everything is ok! 😦 anyway, still got a lot of pictures from Triza’s DSLR. From Waling-waling, we went to Banana Island for our lunch and snorkeling session.


snorkelling 😀


with our tour guide 🙂


me, trying to be a fish :))


lunch time! crab, fish, liempo!! ❤ Ging & Jette


me and Triz 🙂 tan pa more? 🙂



Banana island was the last stop for the day and since it’s a bit far from the main island, we went back before the weather changed. And as usual, we had a feast again for dinner. I think I gained a few pounds after this trip. I really missed Pinoy food!!

THIRD DAY: For our third day, we had our Coron Bay Tour. We went first to Siete Pecados Ecoreserve, where we snorkel again in the deep waters. The corals in Palawan are really beautiful and awesome. I was first mesmerized when we went to Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa back in 2014. How much more awesome in Tubbataha reef, right? Anyway, after endless snorkelling, we went to Kayangan Lake was our second stop. It’s the famous lake and tourist spot in Coron. It’s beauty is beyond wonder. Such place is enchanting enough that you don’t seem to feel tiredness by climbing up and down to the lake itself.



Siete Pecados


underwater groufie!




snorkelling at its finest!

It was really a magnificent underwater view, and it’s actually a bit scary on some parts because of the trenches. It’s really dark and deep so when I tried to remove my life jacket for a free and easy swim, I was confronted by the dark waters and got me scared. First time to feel scared while swimming though. Nevertheless, I will still pursue my dream to have a license in scuba diving 😀


peace yo!


sillohuette shot!


Kayangan Lake


the best view deck 🙂

Beautiful, awesome, one-of-a-kind nature experience. This 75% freshwater lake is a well-known destination in Coron. A really must visit place when you venture Coron, you’ll never be more amazed how nature works!


pitstop!! pagod sa pag-akyat!


balsa and the girls 🙂


Kayangan Lake and miloves 🙂


aura unde the water! pakganern! 😀


at Atwayan Beach


going inside twin lagoon


group pic at twin lagoon, best nature trip!


choo choo train!


beautiful chaos


with our polite and kind boatmen 😀

LAST DAY: Our Coron weekend vacation ended with, ofcourse, a big breakfast. We thanked our kind host, Mommita, then proceeded back to the airport. And ofcourse, we were stranded for 3 hours due to delayed flight, hehe.

I’ll try to upload the video I created for this trip asap, haha for the benefit of my lovely roomates 😀

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Sawasdee ka, Bangkok


Our weekend trip last July can only be summarized in one word – spontaneous. As we don’t have a very clear itinerary on what to do, where to go, what places we must visit, and so we just decided to let our feet guide us, let our eyes see what’s in there and let our tummies be full of the different Thai cuisines we’ve been craving for.

thai lion air, our official carrier (haha)

In order for us to have an overview, we discussed on the plane which places to go, and  since we will arrive quite late already in Bangkok, we just decided to go to Night markets. We landed at the old airport, Don Mueang International Airport, via Thai Lion Air. Our airfare was a bit expensive since we booked our flights quite late already. We took taxi to our hostel, Udee Bangkok Hostel, which I booked via This hostel is a bit far from the central but, it’s nearer to the airport. It’s also a bit far from the bts station (Saphan Kwai) and may take atleast 15-20mins walk depending on your speed. Nevertheless, this hostel is of good quality. We had a simple breakfast which was included in our booking (toast, cereals and oats, fruits, coffee and tea, and some sandwiches), the triple room provided and the shared toilet are both clean and spacious, and of course, the owners of the hostel are both friendly and accommodating. However, I do recommend to have a good hostel or hotel in the central part of the city (around Siam station) if you love shopping at night markets since it will be easier and more accessible especially the transportation.

Map of the neighborhood around Udee Bangkok Hostel posted in the stairwell


me, mich and emily 🙂


FIRST DAY: Our first stop was the Talad Rot Fai night market at Udom Suk station. From the Saphan Kwai BTS station, you need to take a cab since it’s a bit far. Do endure the traffic jam as it may subside after sometime, and the place is worth it!

A lot of food, clothes, shoes and accessories which are quite cheap and affordable can be found in this night market. As i am always attracted to clothes, this night market satisfied my cravings cos everything is relatively cheap but, have good quality (like those being sold in Ph!). Unlike in Taiwan, the gastronomical side of my being was the one replenished, here in Bangkok, all my stress vanished, shopping! (hehe). We also had dinner here, as expected, even if you say less spicy, it will still be spicy!

SECOND DAY: The next day we decided to visit the temples. Although I don’t practice Buddhisim, I’m fond of going to places like this. Makes me wonder how faith can turn an individual into different being. Anyway, we first found our way to the ferry or the river taxis along the Chao Phraya River. For easy guide, I found this helpful website on how to go the different temples, what boat to take and the costs, and where to alight: Bangkok Ferry Guide

We alighted at Tha Tien pier for Wat Pho and then cross the river to Wat Arun (which was currently being renovated when we visited). We did not visit the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Mahathat as we don’t have enough time.


Emily and Michelle’s jumpshot :)))



Reclining Buddha


crossing the river to Wat Arun


The passenger boats always come full from different piers so when a tourist ferry came we just decided to board on it even if it  cost us more than the normal ferry. As we were very hungry waiting for the ferry to come, we just decided to alight at Ratchawong and visited Chinatown, desperately looking for good food. In the end, we ate some Pad Thai along the streets of Chinatown. 🙂

The best Pad Thai I’ve ever tasted :))

After lurking around Chinatown, we headed straight to Chatuchak weekend market. If you want to buy anything, you can find it here. However, it’s so big that you really need a whole day (or more) if you want to go around. In order to buy specific things, you can based on the map they have for all the stores inside so you won’t get lost (yes, there’s a possibility of getting lost). I missed Divisoria in Manila actually, cos the prices there are still much cheaper. The only thing I like in Bangkok night or weekend markets are the quality of their products. Though not branded, the quality of the textile and seam are so nice that you won’t think of not buying it. They have a variety of styles and designs to choose from which are in trend nowadays.

After going to Chatuchak, we still went back to the city and spend our last night on night markets (yes, never ending night markets!). We went to Siam Square and Pratunam. We bought some souvenirs and cute stuff for our friends and colleagues. After the long weekend, we went back to our hostel at Saphan Kwai and packed our things for tomorrow’s flight.


THIRD DAY: We just went to Big C supermarket to look for some stuff. I bought one beer and some food. Then on our way back to hostel, we tried the ‘expensive’ tuktuk ride. It’s my fault though cos I did not bargain. I forgot how much it is but, I remember it cost us like the taxi drive from Siam Central to Saphan Kwai. Anyway, after packing all our reamining things, we then headed to the Airport and went back to Sg.

Here are some useful links we used during our 3days stay in BKK:

Night Markets

BTS Bangkok Map

Chao Phraya River Guide



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sun and sand, hello Bora!

Boracay Island, Philippines. Boracay is a beautiful island located in Visayas -which is one of the three main islands in the Philippines. Mostly packed with tourists and even locals during peak season, this island turns into a hot and wild venue of countless parties that will surely give you a memorable nightlife experience. However, as I am not a party-lover and a more relaxed type of traveler, I prefer the quiet moments and peaceful ambiance of the beach. And I must say, if you want to just enjoy Boracay like the way I wanted, don’t go during peak season, else you might find it too crowded, noisy and busy island that might just ruin your trip.

I went last June with my family and I must say it was the best vacation I had so far. First of all, we are complete for a summer outing as a family for the first time outside Luzon. Second, it was really a memorable experience since we tried different things unlike the first time we went there, and last but not the least, we celebrated each and every occasion that I missed back home (Mother’s day, Dad’s birthday, Noel’s university graduation, and ate Xin’s passing of the Bar Exam).


i really love walking on this pristine white sand!


sunset at its finest ❤

We only spend 3days and 2 nights in Boracay, a very short family getaway. But, I already miss having those three precious days 🙂 Anyway, to start off our vacation, we arrived at Kalibo International Airport in Aklan. I would still recommend to buy air tickets which will directly go to Caticlan so that it’s less hassle. As for our case, after we arrived at the airport, we still rode a van which was about 1-2hours ride to Caticlan , paid a lot of fees (environmental and terminal fee), rode a jetty from Caticlan port to Boracay Island and lastly, an e-tricycle from the port to our hotel.


Jetty to Boracay Island

We stayed at Chateau de Boracay which is located at Station 2, it was a bit difficult to find at first since it was inside Villa de Oro Resort. But, we realized in the end that it’s very accessible if you pass from the main road towards the beach passing through the La Carmela Boracay resort. The family room that I booked was just nice. It was spacious even if we were 5 adults inside, and the beds were very comfortable. I did not manage to take a picture of the room because first, we were very hungry that time that I forgot to take a picture, and second, I already want to go outside and see the beach, and lastly I’m really not sure if I want to write this up (ehehe, excuses). The only two downside of this hotel were the free breakfast because of the limited choices they have and the weak wifi connection. Actually, I don’t care much on the latter part since I want to be present at every moment with my family on this vacation.

After checking-in and putting our things in the room, we strolled outside Station 2 and went to D’talipapa to have our early dinner. Since we all love seafood and no one is allergic to it, we decided to buy some fresh ones from the market and go to a restaurant who will cook it according to the dish we wanted. It was a very sumptuous meal and I really missed the Pinoy style cooking 🙂


Here’s our before and after picture 😀 we really did enjoy the food!

After eating we went back to the hotel, change our clothes and decided to experience a nightlife in the island. We all went to drink some cocktails, beers and juice (for ate Xin :D). I’m really happy even until now, I hope we can have more happy memories like this. haha they say money can’t buy you happiness, but actually, it can, as long as you know how to use it well 🙂


strolling at night 🙂



cheers!! 🙂

The next day was our only adventure day! We still went for the island hopping, and yes, we did not regret because we visited the Puka Beach unlike the first time we were there. Oh how I love that part of Boracay. The water is so blue, clean and very clear unlike in station 1,2, & 3. The locals there tried to explain to us that it’s really like that during this season because of the wind, a lot of sea plants/seaweeds go to the shore. Anyway, after Puka Beach we ate our lunch. It was a buffet style and fortunately it was very delicious :).


smile! where’s dad? ahhh swimming haha #gopro


with the sibs 🙂

We then proceeded for some snorkeling, and then stopped by the Crystal cove where I just spent my time sleeping outside. (Promise next time I’ll go inside and pay the P200 fee, haha). Anyway, after a quick nap, we proceeded to our last stop which was the Magic Island. Good thing, one of the passengers in our boat bought tickets inside to see, and for us three, we tried cliff diving for the first time. After practicing at 5m, 7m, me and my bro decided to try the 8,9, and 10 meters high. Ohhh the adrenaline junkies. Too bad for me though, I landed wrongly for the 10m high and I got a lot of bruises on my thighs and arms. Well, too much for YOLO though hehe.

After the boat ride, since we alighted at Station 1, we decided to see the famous grotto on a boulder and took family picture(s) there.


familia Cruz 🙂


my lovely parents 🙂 ❤

After which we went again to D’Talipapa for our dinner which is my favorite – Sinigang na Hipon! (Prawns in Tamarind Soup base, did I translate that correctly? haha) anyway, we slept happy and full that night and woke up by the rain outside. Our last agenda before going home was to try Parasailing while our mom and dad had a different agenda – to rest and go around the island for souvenir shopping. Good thing, it stopped raining and we proceeded to Station 1 since the dive shop recommended by my sis’s friend was located there. We availed the parasailing for the three of us. It was really a very memorable experience and good thing, no one was afraid of heights among the three of us (yeah well, we all did the cliff dive, right? hehe).


off to the parasailing point via speedboat!


up, up, and away!


happy feet, oh look at that height 🙂 that’s the speedboat pulling us.

Lastly, before really going home and after all the last minute shopping, and after eating our lunch at Mang Inasa(r)l (cos we were so irritated on their service, haha) we decided to have a massage, yes, in public! haha. The cost is just nice (P350/hr) and it’s like you’re also helping the locals there 🙂


Okay! that’s it 🙂 for the fare breakdown, since I usually just right all my expenses to tally with my budget, I decided to give you guys an estimate for a 3d/2n for 5 adults Boracay getaway. This cost however, can still be decreased if you availed cheaper tickets to and fro Boracay and if you’re lucky to have a direct flight to Caticlan instead of Kalibo.

Air flight for 5pax, mnl-klo return: P18374
Van + Boat ride to Boracay: 1000 for 5pax, 175/pax terminal fee & envi fee
Return to Caticlan: P1250 for 5 pax + 100terminal fee, ate Xin
Hotel via Agoda (family room): P5800
Etrike ride (two-way, to and fro hotel): P300
Paluto dinner dtalipapa (1st night): 1050 market, 1235                                                                 (seafood to cook: lapulapu, scallops, oyster, squid)
Paluto dinner dtalipapa(2nd night): sinigang na hipon P650 market + P550 luto
Lunch: mang inasal(r): P750
Massage: P350 per pax * 4
Island hopping with lunch: P600 per pax * 5
Parasailing: P1200 per pax * 3

Total=32783.56 +7000(ate xin)
so the estimate per person is around~P8000 

Here is the video I created using go pro app 🙂 please use laptop if you want to view, hehe the music i used has a copyright, wrong move 😀


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why are millenials so obssessed with travelling?

This is my write-up for the open call that I joined recently. Unfortunately, it didn’t qualify. Haha. Just want to share this with everyone 😁

“YOLO – You Only Live Once”. These four words became popular these past few years. It’s so attractive that many young adults and professionals ask themselves, “so why not travel as much as I can and as far as I can?” If people have the capability, money and time, just do it. It is like a hedonistic approach but not in a negative perspective. As years passed by, more and more people live their life by “work-save-travel-enjoy” cycle. Oh, the majestic hype of traveling – this loud and extravagant trend is now occupying the calendars and schedules of most millennials I know. Even the social media, airline websites and travel tours are booming with advertisements and discounts. Either going up on the mountains, exploring virgin beaches and islands, or going on abroad and being immersed with their variety of food and culture. The power and knowledge of using the internet is like a breakthrough of information that is not available back in the day.

Millennials who are known to be easy-going individuals tend to engage in such trend because it gives them the freedom they needed after a tedious work at the office. Often, it is like a scapegoat from those busy meetings, long work hours and overtimes they do. Travelling makes young professionals have their freedom to rest fully with a beautiful scenery, to enjoy their hard-earned money and to fully engage to the activities they desperately wanted and planned to do for the past few months.

Travelling makes young people forget the hardships in their jobs, family or love life. It is like a therapeutic way of fixing the mind of these young professionals in order to stay motivated in their own day jobs. Frankly speaking, most of the millennials have short patience with regards to their work. High turnover rates and low productivity in the work area are some of the key indicators that are affected if employees are not motivated. Hence, we have the so called “Vacation Leave”, the best privilege that companies provide aside from the salary and medical benefits, and of course, the millennials know how to utilize each and every leave they have. Often times it is the solution to keep these good employees on track.

Itineraries, plane tickets, bus rides, and latest gadgets that may help document their trips are all packed in their rucksacks and they are good to go. Becoming obsessed in travelling means being preoccupied in the idea that travelling can make our lives much better and lighter with a greater purpose and boost our self-worth. Most of the time, when people are being asked why do they travel a lot, their answer can be like this: “I travel because I want to see the world with my own eyes, to feel the winter breeze on my cheeks, to feel the sand on my feet, to indulge gastronomically with my mouth, to feel the waves with my own hands, and to rest my body in a comfortable lounge with the sound of the sea and the sky.” For some, the experience they get can be too overwhelming that they learned a lot from it and these memories tend to help them explore themselves and grow as a fully independent individual.

And yes, the aftermath comes in. They now have the bragging rights posting everything in their own social media, photos and memories are being shared and liked. Tourist spots became more crowded because of the different travel blogs sharing their own itineraries and experiences. The hype is there, positive or negative effect it may bring, young people like that and they engage to that. This is where independency comes in, millennials plan carefully each and every trip so as not to waste time, energy and money. They patiently wait for seat sale promotions because travelling now can be cheap, you just need to have the skill to book those seats and voila, all set and itinerary will come next in mind.

Millennials become so obsessed in travelling that it has become a habit. Whether it’s a group or solo travel, they become bolder, wiser and more independent. They have gone down to a different path that most of their parents did not take. The experience becomes overwhelming and makes travelling addictive to the young.

I myself is guilty with every notion above. Travelling is like a pill that makes you tremble with happiness and excitement. Millennials like that feeling, whether they go broke or need to work more after a trip, they don’t mind. It is like a motivation and they look forward to that. But, in the end it will only be a phase in their lives and they know once they already have their own responsibilities, everything will change. So there, YOLO it is.

We all have that inside us. Through travelling, we satisfy our cravings for that passion, experience and personal growth.

I guess you’ll never know what’s in the end of the rainbow anyway if you will not go.

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