Cadíz, España – a whole new world to me.

Let’s start with, why I am writing this and not my papers? haha! kidding, well, I need a breather! (ehem, excuses!)

But, seriously, how the hell I got here in Spain!? Well, if you’ve been reading my previous posts, I am here in Spain doing my further studies to improve and learn more knowledge about Quality management and all other related things in an analytical laboratory (click here for more information about my scholarship!).

I flew for 26 hours (more or less) from Manila to Jerez (9 hours to Qatar, 7 hours with lots of waiting time in Madrid (~5 hrs more or less with all the time difference) and 1.5 hour to Jerez!). It was the toughest flight I had, as I overpacked some of my things and I was sick the whole time. I was so tired transferring and carrying my things while coughing and having a slight fever. Anyway, I was sick for 2 weeks but, I recovered soon after my Spanish class (muy bien!).

Spain is incredible. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting too much in a small city like Cadiz comparing it to Barcelona or Madrid. Yet, I like how simple and manageable life here. It is an old city with historical sights that you can see in a day. You can also eat tapas, sip a cafe con leche and drink a cerveza for the cheapest price in the whole Europe! (well, based on the places I’ve been). Spain is not a very rich country in reality and in the whole Europe, but, I fell in love in this place as I discovered more and more about it.

Before I was a history buff, I studied mostly about the Philippine history and Asia but never for other continents. The first time I heard about Spain brutal past made me think how well are the people coping even after decades of having freedom and democracy.

Anyway, I am studying in one of the cities here in Andalucia, as mentioned above, Cadiz! and I can say it is a must to see this town. I am not fluent in Spanish (until now, I cannot speak good sentences, but I am learning!! :)) and people here do not speak english a lot so, yeah it is a little struggle but the good thing here is, the people are so friendly! not to mention, very helpful even if we only do a lot of body languages to understand each other.

Well, if you visit Andalucia, here are some of the good places to see here in Cadíz:

  • the old city (starting at the Puerta de Tierra)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

  • Plaza de Espana, where the first constitution of Spain was made since it is the only city not conquered by France


  • the Cathedral de Cadiz where you can see a panoramic view of the city (but i haven’t tried going up, I think it costs 3 or 4 euros?)



  • the best views of Cadiz with lots of cats and birds at los espigones de Campo del Sur



  • if you are a beach lover, they have plenty of beach here starting at Playa de Santa Maria del Mar (where me and my classmates went on my first day here in Spain! not bad! :))





  • you should also try the typical breakfast here in Cadiz, tostada con tomate y aceite oliva (i really like it, and olive oil here is sooo cheap compared to Asia!)

classic! cafe con leche y tostada con tomate y aceite oliva

  • there are also different castles and fortresses you can walk and go in for free!



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

  • and.. a lot of beautiful paved roads, small shops, restaurants and bars too

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



Paella Arroz 😀

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

cafe con leche y donut

  • lastly, for Flamenco enthusiasts or even for curiosity’s sake: If you want to see a flamenco show, an authentic one and not mainly for tourist attraction, Jerez is a good choice to visit as said by a friend! I only tried watching one in Barcelona for 20euros (mainly designed for tourists), and here in San Fernando for 15euros but most of the people who watched were locals and it is really in the theatre 🙂 sooooo cool and i liked it more than in Barcelona 🙂

this was from San Fernando


Flamenco show in Barcelona

That’s all for now, as I need to finish some papers haha! but, my next post will surely interest most of you because it is about a bigger city here in Andalucia which is.. SEVILLA! 🙂

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