why I left Singapore.

My featured photo was taken January 2015. Three years have passed since I started working abroad. My world changed from then on.. and now it is more complex and wider unlike before. You cannot really say what will happen in 10 years. But, I’m glad that even my plans didn’t go as what I wanted, it was even more surprising than I pictured it would become.

This post is too late. I left Singapore last September 2017 to venture on a different path or should I say to explore more about what life can offer me and what I can learn more from it. Fortunately, my career is not as sulking as my past relationships (lol) and it made me confident enough to try other things rather than just sit back and let life flow. I applied for a scholarship in Europe, hoping everything will turn out good in one try, and wohoo, as unexpected and surprised as I was, I got it 🙂

Not being boastful though, I feel so grateful and humble for this once in a lifetime opportunity. As compared with others, this is my first time applying for a scholarship, ever (abroad and local). I can say I am only an average kid back in college days and I totally suck in chemistry. I still don’t know what I’m doing in this career actually, it just loves me so much that even my close friends in Chemistry back in Uni days have already explored other options (sports analyst, medicine doctor, etc, you know who you are dear friends and I am so proud to have friends like you :p) and here I am, still brave enough to see what can I still learn about chemistry. Well, first off there’s a lot of things going on in the field of science so you will never get enough of it. I am a pseudo scientist i guess (haha!) heck I never worked in a research laboratory. But, I can say I’m pretty good in handling instruments and learning quality system sooooo maybe that’s why this scholarship was given to me (apart from the very convincing essays I made night before I passed my requirements to erasmus cos I’m stupid enough to type 2000 words for 2000 characters!! lol). How to apply in Erasmus Mundus program? I think I will write something about it next time 🙂

Anyway, so that’s it. I left Singapore – my second job which was a fairly stable work, my comfort zone where I get my hard earned money (let’s be honest, haha) and basically I left my position I’ve worked hard for almost 3 years. But, I didn’t regret a single thing because I know everything that I am doing now will be worth it in the end. I don’t know where this new path will lead me to but, for sure, I will achieve greater heights and even more adventure in this life. Well, that’s what you call positivity, cos who the hell knows what will happen in the future right? I might die in a second and not experience this whole new world, but, I’m alive!! and I am glad I did not let fear and insecurity overtake me…I am really happy where I am now.

Life is always full of surprises, don’t try… just do it 🙂

Well cramming starts now. I must go back reading scientific papers! lol.

More about what happened after in my next blog (on.. I don’t know when I will publish!)

hola, Spain 🙂

2 thoughts on “why I left Singapore.

  1. DKI Am says:

    It looks like you are often go any countries, whether your job is traveling, and nowadays where are you based working , ok nice to meet you.


  2. meryl says:

    i didn’t see this reply sorry! but my job is far from travelling per se 🙂 i was blessed to study in another continent that’s why 🙂


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