chreuw friends reunion: Cebu-Bohol

Weekend escape with chreuw friends last July! #hs #friendships

After all the planning about the much awaited reunion, finally it happened! (di na drawing mga bes! Hello Cebu and Bohol!) For a short trip of 4 days & 3 nights, we managed to go around Bohol and Cebu.



We met at Mactan International Airport at Cebu, booked a grab to the Cebu Port going to Tagbilaran. We took the SuperCat ferry since they have the timing that we want. The fare was around P870 (two way, they had the promo that time i think). After ~2 hours, we arrived at Tagbilaran Port where we were welcomed by a lot of tour agencies. Since the price range are all the same to go around Bohol, we rent the car and driver for half day around P500.


First stop, lunch! We ate lunch at Loboc floating restaurant. Being famous place to eat in Bohol, I expected something more. It was also rainy that day so the weather was quite gloomy. But, overall, the food was good and the ambiance was really great especially when we started the river cruising.


rivercruising at Loboc River


we even made a stop to see this ethnic group

Next stop, we went to the Chocolate Hills. It was my first time seeing it and I was amazed at the sight. Maybe not all people appreciate it, but for me, it was really a spectacular view as there are numerous hills (though they are not chocolatey enough since it was not summer I guess). The highlight of our trip to Bohol was the ATV. The rain made it more fun and it was my first time riding an ATV. For P500 per person, we enjoyed traversing the muddy roads of Carmen, Bohol and gazed on the chocolate hills around. We also saw the man-made forest since we need to pass this highway going to the tarsiers! 🙂


the best ATV experience!


this rows of chocolate hills 🙂


forever chreuw friends 🙂



at Carmen, Bohol for some cholatey viewing!




we love BOHOL 🙂


man-made forest, i finally saw you in person!






the smallest primate and they are already endangered! 😦 first time spotting them! they can be stressed easily so no flash for cameras and don’t talk very loud! 🙂

After that, we checked-in to our hotel: Harmony Hotel. We booked it via for P3500, it was a family room size for 3pax inclusive with breakfast. The room is very spacious and it is poolside. We didn’t swim though cos it’s raining.

We planned to go and see the pawikans (giant turtles) but unfortunately, there was a major black out for the whole province due to the earthquake in Leyte. We didn’t felt the earthquake from Carmen maybe because of the ATV but, good thing it was not very strong in Bohol.

So we went back to Cebu to continue the original plan. I shall visit Bohol again next time!


From North to South, there are so many beautiful places to see in Cebu. You can choose where you want to go or better visit them all if you have the time 🙂

We planned to visit Bantayan Island in Santa Fe, Cebu where the island became famous because of the movie entitled Camp Sawi (so hello hugot lines!). Well, it was not only famous because of the movie but, because this island boasts a very tranquil and natural tourist spots that we really enjoyed.

After more than half day of travelling from Bohol to Mactan, then Hagnaya Terminal to Bantayan island, we finally made it. Two ferries and one bus ride (~5hrs), whew! Good thing, the views are breath taking!


Bus to Bantayan: P200, terminal fees + environmental fee = P60, Ferry to Bantayan from Hagnaya = P170 (one way)

So we made a friend, our tricycle driver for our overnight stay in Bantayan. He also offered us the island tour & Virgin island tour plus snorkeling. After checking in at Beach Placid resort, we went to MJ Square for some dinner, and yes! KTV! 🙂


beach placid resort 🙂



MJ Square, nightlife in Bantayan



FOOD!! i love Pinoy food 😀



mango shake anyone?


the biritan begins haha

The next day, we visited the Virgin Island, Ogtong Cave and other places in the island.


to the Virgin Island (well not so virgin hehe)



spotify waiting and waiting 🙂


snorkeling pa te Ira? 😀


that famous cliff where Sam Milby jumped, but I don’t really care hahah


Ogtong cave, this cute little cave in a resort.


cool water! hello nowee!


Mangroves aka Bakawan


uy, hello camp sawi!




more pics before leaving Bantayan

We stayed in Mactan the next day as my friends’ flight was scheduled early morning. We ate lechon (ofcourse!) and visited this cute cafe cos all the KTVs were occupied 😦


Namooo cafe if I remember 🙂

After they left, I still met up with my ex-housemates from Singapore who were from Cebu since my flight was around 10pm. I visited Basilica del Santo Nino, bought some souvenirs from Island souvenir, had my Tokyo tokyo lunch at SM seaside (cos I really missed it!), and had dinner (LECHOOOOON again!!) with my ex-housemates before they accompanied me to the airport for my flight back to SG.


Magellan’s cross, finally.


Basilica del Sto. Nino


at SM seaside with Kate and ate Mel 🙂

It was a fun reunion 🙂

Thanks te Nowee and te Ira (love u both!).

Thanks te Mel & family!

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