Spring Series 2017: Osaka, Japan

I only stayed overnight in Osaka around Dotonbori area. From Kyoto, I accidentally rode the local express train so I shed out 1000 yen in addition- it was my first and last mistake on train rides in Japan^^


Finding my hostel was quite a challenge since I got really lost on the subway signs and all. Good thing I got familiarized the place after sometime. My hostel is situated on the top floor of a Panchiko, a Japanese gambling shop, so sometimes I can smell cigarette smoke from the ventilation. However, since I went out most of the time, I don’t care as long as my luggage is safe and the place is comfortable to sleep in. The capsule bed that I booked was really nice and cozy. The bathroom, even though it was a shared one, was  awesome 😀 I love Japanese toilet bowls and all its complicated functions^^ But, the best part of this hostel was the lobby. I really loved books and their mini library was beautiful. With free soup and fruit juices, I can make myself at home with it. Oh, I want to have a library like that when I build my own home in the future 🙂 Check out my hostel here: Guesthouse WASABI Bed and Library. Oh, I forgot to mention that in Kyoto, I enjoyed sitting in a heated toilet (hahaha) especially due to the cold weather.




My overnight stay for Osaka is as follows:



  • Dotonbori


Arrived at Hostel, check-in and went out for dinner. While unpacking my things, I met a fellow Filipina solo traveler at the hostel so we did explore Dotonbori together.


Best thing to do when your budget is only for food was to walk, take photos and admire the gigantic signs and mascots around Dotonbori. Eating street foods is a must here!



  • Osaka Castle


I didn’t go inside as I was only checking out the place. The truth is, I don’t have enough budget for the entrance since I did not use my money wisely in Kyoto. Haha! But I got a free picture with a Shogun samurai so not bad! I’ll visit again next time 🙂

When fully bloomed, Sakura can be seen on the grounds outside the Osaka Castle. Since I am too early, I just snapped some photos of these flowers as a souvenir. Some are not Sakura take note 🙂




Osaka Castle


the pond around the castle


SAMURAIIII! free photo with the samurai shogun outside the castle 🙂


this tradition of gathering under Cherry blossoms during spring is beautiful


solo travel techniques ^^


you can tour around by boat in Osaka Castle too

  • Dotonbori/Osaka station


Roam around for the last time here. I noticed that it’s more alive at night than in the daytime. Mostly, shopping malls and stores. I just bought souvenirs and food items there and it was really worth it! Try all Ichigo brands, you’ll never regret it 🙂

  • Umeda Sky building


This is my 4th skyscraper! It looked like as spaceship which is actually the concept of this building. From below, you can admire the details of the architecture, and from the top you can see the overview of Osaka City.


Then, after I climbed up the Umeda Sky building, I proceeded to Willer bus terminal for my midnight departure to Tokyo. 9hour bus ride, why not! 🙂 Umeda Sky Building is not very easy to find, but, because of other blogs and google map, I found it without any problem!


Beer with this view was the best! Osaka City at night from Umeda Sky building


this escalator looks like you’re ascending to the spaceship


Umeda Sky building from below


i find these all over Japan as well as the vending machines


Map and structure of Umeda Sky building

P.S. Maybe you’re wondering why I did not go to USJ. Well, it was a different story, and I think I will visit it next time if I had to stay longer in Japan.


If you haven’t read my long Kyoto (my favorite city) write up, check it out here 🙂

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