korean craze is still ON!

Since I needed a separate platform for all the frenzy I had in Seoul and Busan – the street foods, korean drama, korean hallyu stars, cosmetic products.. haha and all other embarassing things I did in Korea in the name of fandom.

here are some good memories I’ve collected:

  • Never-ending food trip in Busan and Seoul!

at Myeongdong Kyoja – popular and a michelin star dumpling noodle shop! a must try! but beware, the queue can be very long.


who loves to eat? ME!


near Haeundae beach, an alley full of food stores


Myeong-dong shops and stalls, it can be very crowded especially at night

I love food and exploring my options in terms of taste and variety. South Korean street foods are really unforgettable for their mouthwatering taste! I really love the fishcakes and that long teriyaki bbq. Other Korean dishes we tried: grilled scallops, ddeokbokki, grilled seafood, dumpling noodles, pork soup/gukbap, samgyeopsal.

We also tried Japanese food discovered by one of my travel buddies during their previous trips in Seoul. These Japanese dishes made by a Korean Chef is worth the wait even if it’s freezing! see this blog for more info & tripadvisor 🙂 The chef was very nice to us, and even gave us a free dish #perks haha 😀


this cozy Japanese restaurant: Manpucu



  • Korean Craze everywhere (or is it just me? haha!)






Song Joong-Ki my loves


baby Kai (EXO) hahaha


Bogum, damn :))


Siwon! (SuperJunior)


of course, my true love, Gong Yoo 😀

Yea, well I’m in that fandom where I know their names. Disclaimer: not really super into them, hell! see my smiles, not really genuine, AHAHAHA.

My past time during mrt rides, while eating alone or before sleeping is to watch Korean Series. No brainer shows lol, yet they entertain me a lot. You can also see how creative they can be on their plots.

So, this is what I really did in South Korea ^^ When I first saw an ad of Bogum on the subway, I shamelessly took a pic with him (okay crazy fan here hahaha)

Too bad, I didn’t get to see them in Singapore for their Music Bank show last Aug 4. Had a really hard time getting tickets, 15mins and sold out!

Oh well, that’s it for this write up. It took me three months to write again, i’m so busyyyy.

Next stop! JAPAN 🙂

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