SOUTH KOREA Winter Edition: Busan

*long post*coughs*

And there you go, after months of deciding whether or not i will go to South Korea, my inner Kpop/Kdrama fandom cannot take it anymore. South Korea, the beautiful haven of all my kpop idols and kdrama oppas, offers much more than you can see in tv shows. This trip has been delayed like forever but, i made sure that I will start my 2017 travel plan with this country!

First stop, Busan! I flew out of Singapore via Cebu(f*ck)cific (haha sorry for the curse lol, I still can’t get over it), anyway, let me tell you what happened.

BACKSTORY: So, basically I had my faults too, I woke up late on the day of my flight. I was supposed to take the train all the way to the airport but, it was a rainy monday morning, and it was rush hour. I had no choice but to book an uber/grab. So when my grab taxi came, little did I know that there was an accident in the highway. So i really thought, I won’t reach the airport on time. I’ve already prayed and hoped but, it was Cebu Pacific and I know they have this strict policy on the timing. Yet, it was still a lucky day because they allowed me to check-in (last passenger to check-in and to board the plane!!) and the ground crew told me specifically that I don’t need to take my luggage when I reached Manila since it was just a layover. Unfortunately, cebuf*ck did not board my luggage on the plane to Busan. I still don’t know anything, then I met up with my friends in Manila and we boarded the same flight. While waiting for my luggage, we joked about my luggage being put to a different flight since earlier that afternoon, there’s a flight to Dubai. Oh and yes, the joke that we had while waiting for my luggage to come out after more than one hour we arrived in Busan was not funny anymore.

To cut the long story short, my sis was the one who contacted cebu pacific (after more than 10x call), then she relayed the message to me, then again I contacted Tigerair Busan since they cannot contact Manila office. Cebu(f*ck) never ever communicated well with Tigerair Busan. Shitty company. And the funny part too, they made me go through immigration, instead of just transferring without hassle. The ground crew don’t know anything!!😤 I won’t ever layover in Manila via cebuf*ck. haha. PS. They never offered anything to me in return, haha like hello, it was winter and all my stuff were on that luggage. Me and my friends and family, and all their friends who can help us that were in Manila that time were all hassled by their shitty system. Ughhhh

Okay I will stop the ranting now!! and let’s move on to the BEAUTIFUL PART OF THIS KOREA TRIP: HELLO BUSAN!

Busan is the 2nd largest city in South Korea and it known as a seaside town. It gotten more famous for the recent movie ‘Train to Busan’, a zombie movie featuring their KTX (bullet train) and Gong Yoo (my love, haha). Anyway, I didn’t plan anything at all for this trip. My friends have been to Korea for several times and they know in and out of the Busan and Seoul. They just asked me where I want to go and viola, off we go!

We arrived around past 9pm at Gimhae International Airport, and took the subway (two transfers) to our lovely hostel at Choryang Station, right outside exit 3: Welcome Busan Guesthouse. Desperate for Korean food for our first night, we found a local restaurant open 24hrs and had our hot pork soup (dwaji gukbap) which was perfect for a cold weather.


literally, WELCOME TO BUSAN!


first authentic Korean dinner!!

Busan train lines are fewer which makes it easier to understand in comparison with Seoul subway lines. Yet, it is still very manageable since you can download an app to help you with you DIY travel especially in Seoul: SUBWAY KOREA

We went to several places in Busan for the next two days. The thing is, here in Busan, almost all the attractions are free of charge 🙂 anyway,  here is the list of the places we managed to visit:

  • Oryukdo Skywalk. It was the first place we went early in the morning for our first day in Busan. It was so serene, peaceful and beautiful. We rode the bus#27 in Busan station to Oryukdo SK View Humun (25 stops later). The travel time was approximately 1 hour. Breath taking views and the smell of salty but fresh air 🙂



walking down the road


group-fie 🙂


the views!


Oryukdo Skywalk


Islets 🙂






power rangers pose!


lovely viewdeck!

  • Haeundae Beach, now I can testify why this is the most famous beach in Busan. I literally run in happiness to the beach when I saw how beautiful the place was. Sunset by the beach during winter, why not!? Haeundae Station via Busan Subway Line 2, got to Exit 5 or 7, then walk about 500m.

peace, serenity, and love for all mankind!! haha


this, vitamin Sea 🙂


dusk to dawn


night time at Haeundae


group pic by kuya @nilord c/o mini tripod, hehe

  • Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square, looking for street food? toy claw machine? shops? head to BIFF square and be amazed. Variety of street foods everywhere!! Our dinner was from KFC though, aside from the street foods! Take the train to Nampo-dong Station, head to exit 1 and walk for 10 minutes.

i realized i don’t have a lot of pics cos it’s too cold at night and we ate…and ate… 🙂

  • Haedong Yonggusa Temple, we went here early in the morning for our second day. This temple by the beach has great views and again, it amazed me. I also loved that we can go down to the boulders near the sea. I did my very first by the cliff picture and well, it’s really a “buwis-buhay” (life-risking) instagram shot. Anyway, we took a bus from Busan Station. It was quite far from our hostel. Take Bus 181 and get off at Yonggungsa Temple Bus Stop.

the legendary golden pigs!


walkways 🙂


Goddess of Mercy


Post it!


Buddha by the sea




year of the horse 🙂


“by the cliff” pose


  • Gamcheon Cultural Village, we only took picture from the view point due to lack of time (cos I needed to go to the airport to retrieve my luggage). This place has an interesting story, you can visit this blog  that I’ve read since I got the information here. And actually, the Korean variety show, Running Man, introduced and made this place famous 🙂

Gamcheon Cultural Village 🙂 shot by kuya @nilord


trio 🙂 shot by kuya @nilord




hello hello 🙂


murals at Gamcheon Cultural Village

  • Gwangandaegyo bridge, looking for food, we strolled around Haeundae and saw this beautiful bridge 🙂

locals playing with fire crackers


Gwangandaegyo Bridge 🙂

  • Busan Station, KTX is the bullet train of South Korea as Shinkansen is for Japan :)) It’s the central station where we boarded the train to Seoul.

Busan station




dunkin’ while waiting :))


hello KTX!

My bad memory of losing my luggage was actually just part of a bigger and happier travel time with my friends. Losing something can make you realize how much you have and how you should be grateful every time. Anyway, I still got my luggage before going to Seoul, another lesson learned!

Oh, I hope my pictures can justify how awesome this city is. Busan is really lovely and more laid-back place than Seoul, and I think I will visit again and stay longer the next time I go 🙂

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