Myanmar Chronicles : Yangon-Bagan

If Kota Kinabalu was the YOLO trip of my 2016, Myanmar, on the otherhand, was the highlight of my 2016. Yey for Solo travelling! It was my first time travelling alone, equipped with my not-so-polished itinerary, backpack and a brave heart.

I will just separate my write-up into two parts, YANGON/BAGAN and NYAUNG SHWE/INLE LAKE. So here’s the first part (yes, I’m typing this all while in the bus going to work haha).

My itinerary was not very polished. Until now it amazes me how I managed to do it, with a limited time to see three cities (1week) and  or maybe I just got lucky with the people I met along the way. First off, this trip was not intentionally planned for a solo travel. My friend had some things she needed to take care of so she cancelled it. Anyway, I am still on the go since I am excited to see Bagan.

Here’s the overview of my trip: Yangon-Bagan-Inle Lake-Yangon

Day1: Arrive at Yangon from Sg 10:25 am

Go around the city. Book overnight bus to Bagan

Day 2: Arrive at Bagan, check in.

Tour around Bagan, see sunrise/sunset and temples

Day 3: continue sightseeing at Bagan, book overnight bus to Inle lake

Day4: arrive at Inle lake, check in. Day tour in inle lake

Day5: continue sightseeing at inle lake, book overnight bus to Yangon

Day6: spend one more day at Yangon, check in

Day 7: early check out, 10am fly back to Sg arrive 3pm

As seen from above, this solo trip was comprised of going to Yangon-Bagan-Nyaung Shwe/Inle Lake-Yangon, all by night bus. I can say that I really did not utilize my time in Yangon as I’ve only visited Shwedagon on my first day, and bought some souvenirs and cheap clothes in Bogyoke market, yet it was still okay.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is really majestic. I happened to meet a local tour guide (5000kyats, not bad) and she gave me a brief history of the place, as well as some facts about Buddhism in general.

Golden Pagoda or Great Dagon Pagoda is situated in Singuttara hill, on the west of Kandawgyi Lake. It is the most sacred pagoda in Myanmar as they believed that it contains the relics of the four Buddhas of the present Kalpa (Source: Tripadvisor).


Shwedagon Pagoda


Buddha Images


Buddhism in Myanmar


Buddha with golden prayer leaves all over it’s body


market along the entrance/exit gates


the intricacy of this structure is amazing


Relaxing Buddha, different from the one in Wat Pho in Bangkok


Buddha footprint


2668 TiCal Gold for this Mini Golden Pagoda


Temple Guardian

After exploring Shwedagon, I decided to drop by Kandawgyi lake and go to the Bogyoke Aung San market to buy some souvenirs and other stuff that I can find. I am fond of local art so I wanted to collect paintings as my own souvenir. I bought 3 watercolor paintings for 6000 kyats, but unfortunately, on my way to Bagan, I lost these three paintings (like what happened to the glass-blown pig souvenir I had in Taiwan, huhu)


Kandawgyi Lake


Boardwalk at Kandawgyi Lake


at Bogyoke Aung San Market


Walking in Yangon

Anyway, I hailed a taxi to JJ Express Terminal for my overnight trip in Bagan. I met a fellow solo traveler there and we decided to go together and roam around Bagan for the next two days.


need to stay fresh for 8 hrs travel!

Bagan gave me a total bliss but, a little disappointment as well. I should have known, each city require a minimum entrance fee for foreigners. For Bagan, we paid 20000 Kyats and i think it was a little too much. And also, never ever go during October as there will be no sunrise nor sunset because it’s raining and cloudy!! Best time to go will be from December to February! Too bad 😦 By the way, some temples were still under construction due to the earthquake that struck last Aug 2016.


Cos sunrise is too mainstream, haha


At Shwesandaw, expecting a sunrise but it was a total failure. too cloudy!


you don’t know how scary when this shot was taken^^

Fortunately, I am still up for adventure, and with my new found friend, we still enjoyed our trip and temple hopping. Oh you’ll never get tired roaming around in Bagan with your e-bike. It was the most unique experience I had while touring Bagan. Anyway, let my pictures tour you around Yangon and Bagan!


Shwezigon Pagoda


Bu Phaya Pagoda


My e-bike ^^


rough roads and stupas


enjoying the view 🙂


checking out Ayeyarwady river at Bu Phaya


Rui and his e-bike 🙂


That Bin Nyu Temple


nostalgic scene of Shwesandaw pagoda


temple visit before we reached New Bagan


Gaw Daw Palin


market place at Htilomino temple


random stupas along the way



smile before the rain comes!!

For more info about Yangon or Bagan, visit the travel blogs below! they helped me a lot and really guided me during my trip in Myanmar (and this is a free advertising haha, I just really love their write-ups) CHEERS! XD


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