YOLO PT.2 : when we did river water rafting at Padas 

We were informed that we will be 7 persons in one boat, that means, one person will seat in the middle doing nothing, no thrill, no fun, and I was definitely wrong.

We settled down in our Hotel (The Klagan Hotel) which is situated in the heart of the city. The location is good because it’s only walking distance to the weekend Market and Suriah Sabah Mall. I don’t know how I was able to get up early the next day for the trip after the tiring excursion we had in Mt. Kinabalu. Due to our exhaustion, we forgot to tell the hotel that we were going to have our breakfast packed and so we went to our destination, hungry.

It was a long ride from the city to Beaufort station which was around 2hrs. The ride was comfortable enough since the van was just nice for 7 people (we were with tall/big guys, so yeah it’s just nice for me, i don’t know for them:))

The train was a local one, never rode one before even if we have it in the Philippines. It’s not powered by electricity too so we were informed that sometimes, if the trains have problems, there will be delays or worst, no train will arrive going back to Beaufort station from Rayoh station. On our way to Rayoh station, we even had an interchange of trains in Halogilat station.


hello padas! we travelled so far to enjoy you 😀

I missed my province in the Philippines. The unpolluted air and the smell of trees and grass. The laidback feeling and relax mood. Somehow the ride was memorable and worth the experience.

So let’s now begin with the rafting experience. First off, this was my second time doing a water rafting. I first did it in Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines when we had our Camiguin-CDO-Bukidnon last 2015. It was a tough experience and our only practice was from Kayaking!^^ Anyway, the Padas water rafting was guided by abang Nashteer (he has a Filipino blood so he can also speak Filipino, perks!). He began with the safety briefing, some picture taking on the side, and then they told us that we were odd-numbered, oh what are the odds! Haha, so I was really disappointed since I am the only girl, I will surely be at the middle. But, I quickly grabbed one paddle and situated myself on the side (haha evil plan worked!) but we also had our rotation. In the end, I just enjoyed being in the middle of all the fun, while all the guys do the paddling^^ (i was even thrown out of the boat, haha ofcourse I tagged my friend along with me!).


in action!

2016-09-14 13_padas3

this was the time when we fell from the boat, haha


my favorite pic!

2016-09-14 13_padas4

way too action-packed :))

We passed the river with a total of 8 rapids, and Mary go round was the best since we did body rafting^^ It was a good experience since we got to meet new people too!

We shared the pictures after the activity then headed back to the city. The next day, I flew out of Sabah, back to my reality. It was indeed a YOLO experience so thank you, AMAZING BORNEO it is!

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