HK-MACAU 2016 (part 1- ME TIME!)

It was a fulfilling 6-day visit to Hongkong and Macau last August –uhm.. yes, I’m really lazy to write nowadays 😦 — anyway, I’ve decided to go with my mom and sis since they planned to go for ages. I booked my own flight from SG and decided to go there 2 days in advance since I can’t waste my weekend off days. At first, it was not really a whole family activity, and then after Boracay, I just checked Cebu Pac, and voila! promo seat fares to HK as the same flight as my sis booked so I immediately booked my dad and bro. By the way, I have this habit of checking flights every now and then, most of the time, I’m lucky enough to get promo fares (hehe).

I arrived at Hongkong International Airport around lunch time. Bought an Octopus card for 100hkd plus a 50hkd deposit (and loaded it again with additional 100hkd). I took the airport bus which will go directly to the city (Airport bus A21).

Since we’re a bit tight on our budget, we only managed to book Cosmic Guesthouse (1 triple room & 1 quadruple room) via Agoda. You might find it odd that we’re only 5 but we booked rooms for 7 people, and I’m just relieved that we did that. The guesthouse is situated at Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui, so you can guess how small the rooms are. I did not take any photos cos I’m a bit disappointed on how really small the room is especially the toilet! The only four positive things I can remember were: (1) it’s relatively cheap compared to hotels in the area, (2)they allowed us to check-in early without extra charge, (3) the MTR station and bus stop for the airport bus are just walking distance, and (4) Mirador Mansion is much safer than Chungking Mansion, especially to solo travelers. I guess you really get what you pay for. Maybe next time I’ll opt to book AirBnB instead.

I settled down in the ‘supposedly’ triple room, and decided to rest the whole afternoon. Around 5pm, I decided to walk around and find food since I was too hungry already (yey for Mcdo) and I am still all by myself. Then, I walked to Victoria Harbour cos I saw that they will have this lightshow, apart from the usual show from Hongkong side. I was also lucky enough to have a very convenient prepaid sim card, CSL, which I think it only cost me around 100hkd, with 3gb data plus sms & call. I bought it in the store itself, not in the airport, and it’s not the tourist sim card they were selling. Since I have now my own internet, I also happen to see in my newsfeed that a highschool friend was also in HK so we decided to meet there and watched the light show together 🙂

After the blissful meet up, I went to bed early as I will travel alone to Macau the following day. Travelling alone has its own perks, you have your own time and pace, you only care about yourself, you might get lost but you just can handle it perfectly well. The only downside of being by yourself is that you need to ask someone else to take a picture of you or else you’ll have a lot of selfies, like me (haha).

Second day, I went to Hong Kong-Macau Ferry terminal from Sheung Wan MTR Station. From there, a lot of signs pointing on where to exit and how to find the terminal. I did not book online so my sailing time was a bit late already. I took the Turbojet to Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal. It costed me 177hkd for an economy seat and the travelling time was about an hour. I landed in Macau, and after countless of research, of what free shuttle bus that will take me to Macau Peninsular directly, I still failed and landed on the Venetian Hotel. My plan was ruined since I wanted to go to the main spots first before going to the hotels near City of Dreams Macau as I have booked a ticket to the House of Dancing Waters show. After going around the Venetian for a few hours, I walked to the shuttle terminal at the very back of the hotel. Since the Venetian and Sands Hotel are connected to each other, they have this shuttle bus that will take you to Macau peninsular area. I boarded the bus, and when I arrived, I was really rushing so even if the taxi driver really got me by paying him more for a journey which was less than 10 mins ride,  I still took it and alighted at last at Senado Square.

I wormed my way through a huge crowd of tourists in order to reach the St. Paul Ruins. I decided to have some pork bun and a good seat on the stairs just below the ruins. It was a very hot afternoon and after going around the shops and pavements, I decided to go back to Taipa so I won’t miss my 5pm show. But first, excuse my selfies! thanks to my ever reliable go pro 🙂


I took a taxi (which was cheaper than the one I took from Sands Macau-Senado Square–regrets, sobs! lesson learned!) and arrived just on time at City of Dreams. The show was fantastic. The production and the story were quite interesting as I’ve never watched a water show like that. The seat I booked costed me around 580hkd (yes, very expensive I must say, but really really worth it!) Actually, it was the same price as the one I booked for Les Miserables here in SG. The seat that I had in the House of Dancing Waters was in a much better location too, compared to the one I had in Esplanade. Anyway, visit their website for more information!(check their website here: House of Dancing Waters) Do not miss this when you go to Macau. I’ve learned about this 3 years ago when we went to HK-Macau as well, and one of my mom’s childhood friend is a member of the production of this show. Here are some snapshots (illegal ones!) but, really worth it to share (haha! as I’ve convinced a lot of people to go and watch it, so yeah I’m taking the risk to post this here.)

After the show, I went to see the free water show in the Wynn Palace, oh the fountains were just so lovely. The place is too romantic for me especially the music they used as the water danced with it. Then, I went to Old Taipa Village for a quick peek. I remember last time we were there, we were invited by my mom’s friend to a dinner at their house. It was a very refreshing dinner, but now that I’m all alone, I forgot to eat again at KFC (never fails, or McDo haha). Anyway, I went to the Galaxy Hotel for a short tour inside and got a free shuttle ride to Taipa Ferry Terminal. Since I am on a free and easy itinerary, I did not book my return ticket that morning. The queue was really long and I don’t want to go back very late as I will need to catch the MTR going to Tsim Sha Tsui so I took the first class ticket of Cotai Water Jet which was more expensive than the economy seat especially it was already night sailing (Good thing, I had a 20% discount for Mastercard so I only paid 241hkd and the original price is 302hkd). Check this websites for their rates so that you can have an idea and be updated on the prices as there will be some changes this November 2016:

Cotai Water Jet & Turbo Jet


i forgot to mention, this was my dinner haha! you get to have these goodies for first class seats and a big leg space!

And that concludes my 2-day solo travel for Hong Kong and Macau. The following day, my family arrived and we all went to different touristy places in Hong Kong 🙂

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