Coron, Palawan: A Wonder No Other

Deep blue waters, white sand, enchanting corals- oh yes! I think I’m getting too addicted to Vitamin Sea. Who doesn’t like being at the beach? The waves, the sea, the sky! Well, Coron, Palawan gave me exactly what I needed to call it a grand but cheap style of beach escapade. With my three closest and beautiful roomates back in college, together, we explored this awesome place by indulging ourselves with the variety of fresh and local seafoods, by swimming in the bluest and clearest water with the tallest corals I’ve ever seen and, by enjoying the boat ride to different islands and sea destinations on the tour we arranged.

Our flights, Skyjet airlines, were a bit costly ‘cos I booked based on the date we were all available and I can’t wait anymore for seat sales. However, you can still book cheaper return flights from MNL-Busuanga (Coron) via Cebu Pacific. We landed at Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Busuanga then we looked for our van which took us to Mamita’s Place. My roomate settled everything and we booked our tours via Mamita, our landlady, for our whole stay in Coron. It’s somewhat cheap cos it’s all in. We chose the exclusive tour instead of the usual budget tour. Our food, lodging, private boat and tours were just around 7500 php (approx 160usd) for 4 days, 3 nights. Plus, the fact that we don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking where to eat for the rest of our stay and the food that they served to us were all satisfying (and mouth-watering! seafoods!). Overall, the experience is worth it. However, if you are a more budget traveller, a lot of options can be done once you arrived at the airport. You can try to book a cheaper tour or can even do DIY. Anyway, here you may refer to our sample itinerary for the whole trip: Coron Itinerary. We changed the schedule of going to some places since we based it in the weather and the instensity of waves.

FIRST DAY: After putting down all our bags and checking in, we were served with our afternoon snack, and this my friends was the start of our weight gain program (hehe). Home-made pizza plus ice-cold coke! yum! After which, we proceeded for our first stop, Mt. Tapyas. We ascended the 700+ steps to see the overlooking view of Coron. It was a magnificent view and the weather was just right. Then, we went to Maquinit hotspring. Oh, I really love hotsprings! (But I don’t miss Pansol much hehehe). Some said they go to the hotsprings at the end of their stay in Coron, others, like us, don’t really care as long as we enjoy the surroundings and the place 🙂


food and these girls  at Mommita’s Place ❤


climbing up!


with the girls 🙂


Overlooking view of Coron


purple and pink skies at Maquinit Hotspring


enjoying our time in the hotspring


walking around the area 🙂

After climbing the mountain and dipping into the hotspring, our tricycle driver brought us back to our inn to have our very first sumptuous supper. I think I don’t have any picture of our dinner cos we were too hungry to bother taking pictures (ehehe). Anyway, we were advised that night to wake up before 7am to grab some breakfast and prepare before starting our first boat tour.

Our breakfast the next morning was simple yet satisfying. I miss eating Filipino breakfast! And the Lamayo!! Sarap :))

img_2008SECOND DAY: We were given a private tour, a private boat and our own private island for the first half of our second day! Yes, we had the Waling-waling Island all by ourselves. It was a small, beautiful island which is approximately 2hours away from the city proper. The island is so lovely! With its own sand bar and crystal blue waters, I can say that if I wil go back to Coron, I’ll definitely try to stay here, even for just one night, I have the whole island by myself!


that boat view! hehe


Bulog Island aka Waling-waling island ❤




loving this island! (and that was our private boat on the upper right!)

Something is definitely wrong with my gopro that time as i don’t have clear images and i need to edit out the pictures 😦 I’m not sure if the lenses were not cleaned but…i made sure everything is ok! 😦 anyway, still got a lot of pictures from Triza’s DSLR. From Waling-waling, we went to Banana Island for our lunch and snorkeling session.


snorkelling 😀


with our tour guide 🙂


me, trying to be a fish :))


lunch time! crab, fish, liempo!! ❤ Ging & Jette


me and Triz 🙂 tan pa more? 🙂



Banana island was the last stop for the day and since it’s a bit far from the main island, we went back before the weather changed. And as usual, we had a feast again for dinner. I think I gained a few pounds after this trip. I really missed Pinoy food!!

THIRD DAY: For our third day, we had our Coron Bay Tour. We went first to Siete Pecados Ecoreserve, where we snorkel again in the deep waters. The corals in Palawan are really beautiful and awesome. I was first mesmerized when we went to Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa back in 2014. How much more awesome in Tubbataha reef, right? Anyway, after endless snorkelling, we went to Kayangan Lake was our second stop. It’s the famous lake and tourist spot in Coron. It’s beauty is beyond wonder. Such place is enchanting enough that you don’t seem to feel tiredness by climbing up and down to the lake itself.



Siete Pecados


underwater groufie!




snorkelling at its finest!

It was really a magnificent underwater view, and it’s actually a bit scary on some parts because of the trenches. It’s really dark and deep so when I tried to remove my life jacket for a free and easy swim, I was confronted by the dark waters and got me scared. First time to feel scared while swimming though. Nevertheless, I will still pursue my dream to have a license in scuba diving 😀


peace yo!


sillohuette shot!


Kayangan Lake


the best view deck 🙂

Beautiful, awesome, one-of-a-kind nature experience. This 75% freshwater lake is a well-known destination in Coron. A really must visit place when you venture Coron, you’ll never be more amazed how nature works!


pitstop!! pagod sa pag-akyat!


balsa and the girls 🙂


Kayangan Lake and miloves 🙂


aura unde the water! pakganern! 😀


at Atwayan Beach


going inside twin lagoon


group pic at twin lagoon, best nature trip!


choo choo train!


beautiful chaos


with our polite and kind boatmen 😀

LAST DAY: Our Coron weekend vacation ended with, ofcourse, a big breakfast. We thanked our kind host, Mommita, then proceeded back to the airport. And ofcourse, we were stranded for 3 hours due to delayed flight, hehe.

I’ll try to upload the video I created for this trip asap, haha for the benefit of my lovely roomates 😀

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