sun and sand, hello Bora! (second time around!)

Boracay Island, Philippines. Boracay is a beautiful island located in Visayas -which is one of the three main islands in the Philippines. Mostly packed with tourists and even locals during peak season, this island turns into a hot and wild venue of countless parties that will surely give you a memorable nightlife experience. However, as I am not a party-lover and a more relaxed type of traveler, I prefer the quiet moments and peaceful ambiance of the beach. And I must say, if you want to just enjoy Boracay like the way I wanted, don’t go during peak season, else you might find it too crowded, noisy and busy island that might just ruin your trip.

I went last June with my family and I must say it was the best vacation I had so far. First of all, we are complete for a summer outing as a family for the first time outside Luzon. Second, it was really a memorable experience since we tried different things unlike the first time we went there, and last but not the least, we celebrated each and every occasion that I missed back home (Mother’s day, Dad’s birthday, Noel’s university graduation, and ate Xin’s passing of the Bar Exam).


i really love walking on this pristine white sand!


sunset at its finest ❤

We only spent 3days and 2 nights in Boracay, a very short family getaway. But, I already miss having those three precious days 🙂 Anyway, to start off our vacation, we arrived at Kalibo International Airport in Aklan. I would still recommend to buy air tickets which will directly go to Caticlan so that it’s less hassle. As for our case, after we arrived at the airport, we still rode a van which was about 1-2hours ride to Caticlan , paid a lot of fees (environmental and terminal fee), rode a jetty from Caticlan port to Boracay Island and lastly, an e-tricycle from the port to our hotel.


Jetty to Boracay Island

We stayed at Chateau de Boracay which is located at Station 2, it was a bit difficult to find at first since it was inside Villa de Oro Resort. But, we realized in the end that it’s very accessible if you pass from the main road towards the beach passing through the La Carmela Boracay resort. The family room that I booked was just nice. It was spacious even if we were 5 adults inside, and the beds were very comfortable. I did not manage to take a picture of the room because first, we were very hungry that time that I forgot to take a picture, and second, I already want to go outside and see the beach, and lastly I’m really not sure if I want to write this up (ehehe, excuses). The only two downside of this hotel were the free breakfast because of the limited choices they have and the weak wifi connection. Actually, I don’t care much on the latter part since I want to be present at every moment with my family on this vacation.

After checking-in and putting our things in the room, we strolled outside Station 2 and went to D’talipapa to have our early dinner. Since we all love seafood and no one is allergic to it, we decided to buy some fresh ones from the market and go to a restaurant who will cook it according to the dish we wanted. It was a very sumptuous meal and I really missed the Pinoy style cooking 🙂


Here’s our before and after picture 😀 we really did enjoy the food!

After eating we went back to the hotel, change our clothes and decided to experience a nightlife in the island. We all went to drink some cocktails, beers and juice (for ate Xin :D). I’m really happy even until now, I hope we can have more happy memories like this. haha they say money can’t buy you happiness, but actually, it can, as long as you know how to use it well 🙂


strolling at night 🙂



cheers!! 🙂

The next day was our only adventure day! We still went for the island hopping, and yes, we did not regret because we visited the Puka Beach unlike the first time we were there. Oh how I love that part of Boracay. The water is so blue, clean and very clear unlike in station 1,2, & 3. The locals there tried to explain to us that it’s really like that during this season because of the wind, a lot of sea plants/seaweeds go to the shore. Anyway, after Puka Beach we ate our lunch. It was a buffet style and fortunately it was very delicious :).


smile! where’s dad? ahhh swimming haha #gopro


with the sibs 🙂

We then proceeded for some snorkeling, and then stopped by the Crystal cove where I just spent my time sleeping outside. (Promise next time I’ll go inside and pay the P200 fee, haha). Anyway, after a quick nap, we proceeded to our last stop which was the Magic Island. Good thing, one of the passengers in our boat bought tickets inside to see, and for us three, we tried cliff diving for the first time. After practicing at 5m, 7m, me and my bro decided to try the 8,9, and 10 meters high. Ohhh the adrenaline junkies. Too bad for me though, I landed wrongly for the 10m high and I got a lot of bruises on my thighs and arms. Well, too much for YOLO though hehe.

After the boat ride, since we alighted at Station 1, we decided to see the famous grotto on a boulder and took family picture(s) there.


familia Cruz 🙂


my lovely parents 🙂 ❤

After which we went again to D’Talipapa for our dinner which is my favorite – Sinigang na Hipon! (Prawns in Tamarind Soup base, did I translate that correctly? haha) anyway, we slept happy and full that night and woke up by the rain outside. Our last agenda before going home was to try Parasailing while our mom and dad had a different agenda – to rest and go around the island for souvenir shopping. Good thing, it stopped raining and we proceeded to Station 1 since the dive shop recommended by my sis’s friend was located there. We availed the parasailing for the three of us. It was really a very memorable experience and good thing, no one was afraid of heights among the three of us (yeah well, we all did the cliff dive, right? hehe).


off to the parasailing point via speedboat!


up, up, and away!


happy feet, oh look at that height 🙂 that’s the speedboat pulling us.

Lastly, before really going home and after all the last minute shopping, and after eating our lunch at Mang Inasa(r)l (cos we were so irritated on their service, haha) we decided to have a massage, yes, in public! haha. The cost is just nice (P350/hr) and it’s like you’re also helping the locals there 🙂


Okay! that’s it 🙂 for the fare breakdown, since I usually just right all my expenses to tally with my budget, I decided to give you guys an estimate for a 3d/2n for 5 adults Boracay getaway. This cost however, can still be decreased if you availed cheaper tickets to and fro Boracay and if you’re lucky to have a direct flight to Caticlan instead of Kalibo.

Air flight for 5pax, mnl-klo return: P18374
Van + Boat ride to Boracay: 1000 for 5pax, 175/pax terminal fee & envi fee
Return to Caticlan: P1250 for 5 pax + 100terminal fee, ate Xin
Hotel via Agoda (family room): P5800
Etrike ride (two-way, to and fro hotel): P300
Paluto dinner dtalipapa (1st night): 1050 market, 1235                                                                 (seafood to cook: lapulapu, scallops, oyster, squid)
Paluto dinner dtalipapa(2nd night): sinigang na hipon P650 market + P550 luto
Lunch: mang inasal(r): P750
Massage: P350 per pax * 4
Island hopping with lunch: P600 per pax * 5
Parasailing: P1200 per pax * 3

Total=32783.56 +7000(ate xin)
so the estimate per person is around~P8000 

Here is a short video of our Bora trip 🙂

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