why are millenials so obssessed with travelling?

This is my write-up for the open call that I joined recently. Unfortunately, it didn’t qualify. Haha. Just want to share this with everyone 😁

“YOLO – You Only Live Once”. These four words became popular these past few years. It’s so attractive that many young adults and professionals ask themselves, “so why not travel as much as I can and as far as I can?” If people have the capability, money and time, just do it. It is like a hedonistic approach but not in a negative perspective. As years passed by, more and more people live their life by “work-save-travel-enjoy” cycle. Oh, the majestic hype of traveling – this loud and extravagant trend is now occupying the calendars and schedules of most millennials I know. Even the social media, airline websites and travel tours are booming with advertisements and discounts. Either going up on the mountains, exploring virgin beaches and islands, or going on abroad and being immersed with their variety of food and culture. The power and knowledge of using the internet is like a breakthrough of information that is not available back in the day.

Millennials who are known to be easy-going individuals tend to engage in such trend because it gives them the freedom they needed after a tedious work at the office. Often, it is like a scapegoat from those busy meetings, long work hours and overtimes they do. Travelling makes young professionals have their freedom to rest fully with a beautiful scenery, to enjoy their hard-earned money and to fully engage to the activities they desperately wanted and planned to do for the past few months.

Travelling makes young people forget the hardships in their jobs, family or love life. It is like a therapeutic way of fixing the mind of these young professionals in order to stay motivated in their own day jobs. Frankly speaking, most of the millennials have short patience with regards to their work. High turnover rates and low productivity in the work area are some of the key indicators that are affected if employees are not motivated. Hence, we have the so called “Vacation Leave”, the best privilege that companies provide aside from the salary and medical benefits, and of course, the millennials know how to utilize each and every leave they have. Often times it is the solution to keep these good employees on track.

Itineraries, plane tickets, bus rides, and latest gadgets that may help document their trips are all packed in their rucksacks and they are good to go. Becoming obsessed in travelling means being preoccupied in the idea that travelling can make our lives much better and lighter with a greater purpose and boost our self-worth. Most of the time, when people are being asked why do they travel a lot, their answer can be like this: “I travel because I want to see the world with my own eyes, to feel the winter breeze on my cheeks, to feel the sand on my feet, to indulge gastronomically with my mouth, to feel the waves with my own hands, and to rest my body in a comfortable lounge with the sound of the sea and the sky.” For some, the experience they get can be too overwhelming that they learned a lot from it and these memories tend to help them explore themselves and grow as a fully independent individual.

And yes, the aftermath comes in. They now have the bragging rights posting everything in their own social media, photos and memories are being shared and liked. Tourist spots became more crowded because of the different travel blogs sharing their own itineraries and experiences. The hype is there, positive or negative effect it may bring, young people like that and they engage to that. This is where independency comes in, millennials plan carefully each and every trip so as not to waste time, energy and money. They patiently wait for seat sale promotions because travelling now can be cheap, you just need to have the skill to book those seats and voila, all set and itinerary will come next in mind.

Millennials become so obsessed in travelling that it has become a habit. Whether it’s a group or solo travel, they become bolder, wiser and more independent. They have gone down to a different path that most of their parents did not take. The experience becomes overwhelming and makes travelling addictive to the young.

I myself is guilty with every notion above. Travelling is like a pill that makes you tremble with happiness and excitement. Millennials like that feeling, whether they go broke or need to work more after a trip, they don’t mind. It is like a motivation and they look forward to that. But, in the end it will only be a phase in their lives and they know once they already have their own responsibilities, everything will change. So there, YOLO it is.

We all have that inside us. Through travelling, we satisfy our cravings for that passion, experience and personal growth.

I guess you’ll never know what’s in the end of the rainbow anyway if you will not go.

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